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MYSOLE Sport Fieldsport

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MYSOLE Sport Fieldsport
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All about this product

All about the MYSOLE Sport Fieldsport

The MYSOLE Sport Fieldsport insole is specially designed for field sports such as field hockey, handball, korfball, baseball, rugby etc. The insole offers you optimal support on the front, mid and back foot. The cushioning unit in conjunction with base material provides maximum shock absorption when you jump, run or sprint on the field, reducing the stress on your joints. The raised heel cup offers you extra stability in your lateral movements, and thanks to the abrasion-resistant Clima Tex+ overlay, moisture from wet surfaces is quickly absorbed.

This MYSOLE Sport Fielsport insole is recommended when you make a lot of lateral movements during sports or when you suffer (quickly) from:
- An overloaded/sagging forefoot
- An overloaded/sagging foot arch
- Sore/fatigued feet
- Unstable ankles

Features and Benefits:
- Anatomically shaped
- Anti-static
- Carbon against unpleasant odors
- Removable insole
- Maximum shock absorption on different surfaces
- Extra stability during lateral movements
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Reviews (0)

MYSOLE Sport Fieldsport
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